3 Ways Consumer Purchases Are Smarter

  The modern consumer uses several methods to influence their buying trend considering precautions before spending their hard-earned cash. Years ago customer based purchases on tradition and availability. Now not only are they getting advice from friends and family about products, they’re researching deeper for the good, bad and ugly. The power of numbers in…

Are You Ready For 2017?

It’s time to get those ideas flowing for 2017 if you haven’t already. What are your personal and business goals? They’re both connected. Be sure to buckle down and write them out. Assure yourself that you’ll get there one step at a time.

5 Motivation Killers In Business Management

When it comes to business dealings it can get complicated. You’re keeping your head above waters and clients are disappearing. If you don’t shape up you could slowly lose them to your competitor. Can’t figure out what’s wrong? You’ve owned your niche for years, but could never fully grasp the logistics. If you think your…

How To Deal With Unruly Clients Like A Boss

  Imagine getting that nightmare contact known as a complaint. You never expected this because you do everything right for your clients. But this time it’s wrong and solely your fault. What would you do? Its helpful have a few tricks to handle uneasy customers that can prevent loosing clients and save your bottom line….


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