How to Get Feedback from Clients and Why It’s Important


Imagine fewer appointments on your calendar. Your sales are decreasing and you don’t know why. You’ve realized that your focus has been more on making money and less on what your customer needs. Here are ways to get valuable feedback, find direction and regain business.

Surveys are king in getting consumer feedback. Get data on customer service, quality, product, and service satisfaction. It is crucial to gain contact information for  your management system. There are several sources that make surveying much easier. Forms are accessible through online portals such as Google Forms or 123Form Builder. It is easy and simple to use. All you do is enter your questions, choose your options, send a link and you’re done. It’s a great tool to contact clients and analyze data through response generated spreadsheets. Make use of survey question samples online or past surveys that you have taken.

As a business owner you interact with consumers daily. In between greeting and closing deals, ask your buyer for their viewpoint. Inquire on their experience and how they perceive your product or service. Note customer tone and how expressive they are. If they’re sharing details on their family vacation or something personal, it means they’re comfortable. So, ask them why they do business with you.

There is power in the stars. If you want to know how customers see your business look at your reviews. Google reviews and other business listings, such as Yelp and Yellow Pages allow consumers to rate your business. You may offer a special incentive through an email or newsletter in exchange for a review.

If you want gold nuggets leading you to the rainbow of success, they check your comments. They offer clarity on what products or services to offer. Comments expose the mind of your consumer with no effort on your part. Encouraged by social media sites and blog platforms, they consist of questions and suggestions. As a double-edged sword, your comment section can make or break a decision to buy for potential clients. Use them to your advantage in promoting business growth.
Consistent feedback is vital for steering your business. It provides fuel to create a better experience for clients. Gage efficiency in your operations and learn new ways to make things easier. Assess customer needs and evaluate market trends that get you ahead of competitors. Feedback should be monitored daily. Be prepared to accept the good, bad and ugly. Remember not to take it personally, but to embrace it as a mechanism for business excellence.



​Why We Love Leadership (And You Should Too!)

We recognize what takes for you to be top-notch. Using your strength and tenacity is a must in entrepreneurship. Maybe you’re involved in the community or perhaps you are a master in your industry. Whatever the case, others hold you in high regard. You are the authority and your judgement is what matters most.  Leaders have character traits that are not common, but if done correctly can change the course of the planet. Here’s why we love leadership. 

Leaders are the spine of society and share power of overseeing humanity. Leaders recognize their ability to plan, organize, start and measure strategies for a common goal. They are experienced in prioritizing tasks and understand how to get projects carried out. With every contract, employee or client leaders assess compatibility as a preliminary metric before deciding. 

Leaders know every decision will impact another. They realize every choice will express who they truly are. Their reputation is important. To them, it’s about creating a foundation to make the world a better place.

Leaders have a unique attitude on existence. Their mental process is distinct. This awareness shows in their habitual actions. Each day is a test because leaders combat negative thoughts with positive ones constantly. At any stage of their lives, leaders  can reprogram themselves to believe their dreams manifested. 

Leaders visualize their highest selves in their mind’s eye. The contrast between poverty and wealth is confidence. A certainty of feeling you can get the task done and still honor who you are. It’s getting the information needed to solve a problem, to earn more money, to restore a relationship. 

We are all afraid of something. Perhaps its failure, heights or darkness. We find ourselves immobile when haven’t learned how to move with fear. Leaders have mastered how to push, when fear is present. They notice the fear, grasp it, breathe and go. Once the motion has begun, the fear will dissipate. Leaders manage their emotions through time and self-awareness. It is a continuous process. 

Leaders take action and don’t let circumstances prevail. Every obstruction builds strength on the pathway of life. Setbacks are unavoidable and leaders know each one is a stimulant for growth. 

As humans, we innately want to fulfill our purpose and love others. We desire partnership at times when we feel most alone. As a leader, you give passion as fuel for others to express themselves. Just by being yourself, you can impact thousands, if not millions simply because we all want something to identify with. It either shows us who we are in the moment or who we can become. 

Leadership is a breathing experience of influence. Leaders have their own believers that reflect who they are. They are connected through one universal theme. Leaders give hope and encouragement that any outcome will be for the greater good. 

Are you a leader? What skills make you a frontrunner? Where is there room for improvement? 

Stephanie Feggins is a freelance writer who specializes in digital content, business strategies and social media.


12 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

We all want to do more and be better. Accomplishing goals is how we live out our purpose. Even though we manage tasks well, there are moments where we’re barely hanging on. Below you’ll find ways to loosen the grid lock and get moving again.

1. Have the reference materials you need

2. Get any bothersome questions answered

3. Plan out your task with a step-by-step process

4. Engage with collegues (teamwork makes the dreamwork)

5. Get hydrated by drinking water or a natural juice

6. Focus on the end results

7. Expect challenges

8. Devise solutions to setbacks

9. Track progress effectively

10. Exercise for mental clarity

11. Create a consistent schedule

12. Learn to recognize and dismiss distractions speedily

How you do increase your productivity?



3 Essential Things for Exceptional Customer Care

Do you have a poor service rating? Are your reviews not so great? Here are ways to make impact your business with seamless customer interaction.

1. Having the right systems in place. It’s important that your clients can reach you and throughout multiple avenues. Telephone contact was the most common tool bridging companies with their consumers. Becoming popular are live chat, social media direct messaging, and email correspondence for  help. According to 2014 data obtained by eDigital Research these are the preferred contact methods for store bought goods. If your business needs to upgrade try new ways to have an omni-channel customer experience. It will greatly improve customer satisfaction. 

2. Have appreciation and value of your consumers. Be sure to offer ways to honor your customer.  When are appreciated it makes us feel good. It’s in our human nature to seek comfort. Evoking positive emotions triggers the cycle of repeat engagement. Offer special discounts and loyalty programs to show flexibility and adaptation to market buying trends. We like to feel including in exclusive deals and savings. An example would be during high volume events like Black Friday or Christmas.

3. Carry out knowledge of product clarity and function. If you have a team of 2 or more effective training is a high priority.  Performance of your employees reflects your involvement. It teaches them your process and helps them understand the mission through your lens. As a resource, give materials for them to refer to after training and during performance reviews. Your knowledge and expertise should be formatted with ease. With product descriptions and functions given to your customer it provides the opportunity for them to make an educated decision to purchase. If a buyer doesn’t understand, they will dismiss it and move on to your competitors.

To display your organization as a reputable company use these tips. Customers want security in their investment of time, capital and energy. Now more than ever, they want transparency and satisfaction with every purchase. Giving them the freedom to choose, keeping communication open and thanking them for choosing you will elevate your brand sooner than you think!

Which methods are you using? What are some you’d like to implement? Comment below.


How to Throw a Rockin’ Client & Staff Holiday Party

Written By Stephanie Feggins

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Grab the egg nog and ugly sweater, it’s prep time for your holiday party. You’ll want to pay attention to details in the areas of food, atmosphere and even party favors. Whether you have a large clientele or a few loyal supporters, throwing a themed gathering is a great way to connect and show appreciation.

Use the holiday or make a theme staff or clients can relate to. For food and beverage make sure everything works together to create the experience you desire. Purchase necessities such as plates, cups and even napkins in convenient designer sets. These can range from upscale to budget-friendly options. Choose easy-to-bite food options that compliment other menu items like cheese dips or deli meat slices. Don’t feel like cooking? Try a caterer with great reviews or contact your favorite restaurant for their prices and specifications. You want your guests somewhat in control of what they are selecting. Don’t forget variety with two beverages and flavorful desserts. Giving them control over their own food intake allows comfort and the ability to enjoy themselves for the entire event.


Having a great atmosphere corresponding to your overall theme is has top priority while organizing your event. People associate with sight, taste, smell and sound. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Memories both good and bad can relive through messages and melodies of songs. Be sure to create fun moments with holiday music in an array of versions. You can go classic with “Jingle Bells” by Jim Reeves or take a more pop approach with Christmas songs like “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. It’s from 1994, but a hit! Keep the tunes playing keeping the vibration high and encourage conversations. You may want to hire a DJ. For all of you money-conscience bosses make a playlist from your smart phone or pick an internet station like Pandora or iHeart radio. These options are perfect for adding variety and the best part is that they’re FREE. Also, add aromatherapy to your event. Have an (almost) sensory overload with fragrances like pumpkin spice, fresh pine-tree or cinnamon scented ornaments. Decorate your space with your theme’s colors and patterns. Snowmen, gingerbread houses, christmas trees and lights scream you’re in the spirit and will invite guests into your world. Be mindful of accessories and room furnishings as you pull your vision together. Too much or not enough throw guests off leaving a bad impression.
Allow guests to take a piece of the experience home with them through small and big party favors. Customize trinkets like pens or key chains with your company logo and a positive message. You can add “Happy Holidays” or print the theme and year of the event. Perhaps offer a day off of work with pay or a gift card to a popular chain store. Don’t be stingy, giving anywhere from $50 to $100 (or more) will surprise any guest and leave them eager to return next year. It will give them a sense of pride for all of their hard work and dedication. Give out at least one or maybe two. Mix up giveaways with customized baskets of practical things guests can use.


Having a festive celebration or mixer will crown you as a people-person, compassionate and giving. Be intentional about the look and feel of your event. Don’t forget to place your company logo around the space and add it to party favors. The music and food should be main escorts for a good time! Have an email list for unexpected guests and sign in method for everyone. Everything collectively will help guests recall on your party as a great memory which is exactly what you want.


3 Ways Consumer Purchases Are Smarter



The modern consumer uses several methods to influence their buying trend considering precautions before spending their hard-earned cash. Years ago customer based purchases on tradition and availability. Now not only are they getting advice from friends and family about products, they’re researching deeper for the good, bad and ugly.

The power of numbers in social media can impact profits and losses in business. If your account is not engaging, polished and conducive to a buying experience, your potential client will lose interest. Social media is no longer beach vacation photos and laugh-worthy comments. It has transformed into e-commerce platforms where organizations, large and small can impact thousands 24/7. The chances of your customer having a Facebook profile is notably high. Customers feel entitled to have information at their fingertips. 57% of consumers say they’d be somewhat or very influenced to think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online, and 16% say they only share positive reviews on social media (Direct Marketing).

Online reviews give buyers the opportunity to make an educated decision before monetary investment.  Opinions from past customers make or break the market. Consumers believe companies reputable and find trust in a five-star rating. A powerhouse such as Amazon drive sales growth based on reviews and have made billions for over two decades. 92% of consumers now read online reviews vs. 88% in 2014 (Vendasta). As both positive and negative, reviews take the guesswork out of product usefulness. It allows the customer space to form their own judgment.

Word of mouth is still the most popular method of swaying shoppers. Consumers are always seeking a bargain and value.  Friends and family will give their opinions straight with no chaser. Topics such as price, features and longevity can  in less than five-minutes. According to the Nielsen Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment 92% of consumers’ trust recommendations from other people—even if they don’t know them personally—over promotional content that comes directly from brands.


Consumers select what change emotions and meet needs.  The marketplace has become a smorgasbord of everything we can imagine plus more. Making sure that your business is social and service-first oriented will have a greater impact on the customers’ buying decision. It helps them shop and use their power as a consumer.



5 Motivation Killers In Business Management

When it comes to business dealings it can get complicated. You’re keeping your head above waters and clients are disappearing. If you don’t shape up you could slowly lose them to your competitor. Can’t figure out what’s wrong? You’ve owned your niche for years, but could never fully grasp the logistics. If you think your current operations still work then you may be mistaken. To your defense there could be certain aspects going unnoticed. You could be dealing with these culprits that are hurting your business.

1. Distractions

Distractions can be people, television, social media or other jobs. We lead busy lives. Things are thrown at us daily and it’s hard to cook a meal let alone work on our business goals. That’s if you’ve had any time to set any business goals. There are different versions of ourselves that allow us to fulfill several roles. We have a choice and maybe it’s time to choose wisely. If any of the distractions mention has you reserved, it must be scaled back. If it has kept your attention for quite a while, consider eliminating the distraction completely. Time is important and should be spent on marketing, project management and networking.

2. Not Organized

Do you have a client database system? Do you know how many prospects converted to sales? Does your inventory need replenishing? If you answered “uh” or “I’m not sure” to those questions, then your motivation has been hijacked.  If you can’t see the forest for the trees, it’s time grab your ax. Pick one area of your business that needs the most TLC. If you do not understand where to start try a business consultant, find a book or research a few “how-to” articles online. Once you tackle one part of your business, you’ll become excited about your results. Then you’ll be able to move on to the next. Don’t forget to high-five yourself.

3. Lack of Purpose or Mission

There are several businesses who developed the brand of their dreams. This is great but it can pose a problem if the vision doesn’t have a demographic or intentional outcome. Be specific as possible. It mentally clarifies your business and creates an easy space for potential customers or outside funding. Being precise about what you, how and who you do it for is an energy booster for downtime moments. Remember the why and move forward.



4. No Market Clarity

Along with no purpose, knowing your customer is key. If you don’t know who your client is as a person, how could you offer your service? Be proactive in your research for your customer. You need to consider demographics, hobbies and interests and religious beliefs. Go deeper exploring marital status, job title, family orientation, and hobbies. Find out as much as possible so you can create your pitch and align your business for automatic success. Knowledge is power and a huge motivator.

5. Lack of Faith

Faith is the essence of life and should be implemented in your business. Faith motivates you to keep going with an idea that anything could happen. Things can work out in your favor and a positive outlook can create positive results. If you have no faith in your business re-visit steps 1-4. It’s vital to take your time with this. When you do things will begin to look and feel better. Find the courage to start somewhere within your business and watch things fall into place.

Does any of these resonate with you? Perhaps you can identify with these struggles as an entrepreneur. Don’t be like Sam. You have the ability to change the direction of your business. Seek support if you need it and become your own vision of success.